Our Story

Here at FlexRazr, we were getting tired of using the regular pair of old clippers. It was getting tedious having to use them every few days, only to have our hair grow back out so fast.

Also, we could never figure out how to clean the regular pair of shavers without putting too much pressure on the blades. We ended up breaking a couple of them while cleaning... 

We were tired of getting in grown hairs, taking so much time in the mornings to shave and also to clean, we wanted something better.


A 5-blade, 4-directional rotary head coupled with 360 degrees of flexibility and a powerful motor, our time for shaving was cut in half. 

Also, we were getting a closer shave than our old pair of clippers. 

We also made sure that the blades could open easily so that we can wash them fast and effectively, not to mention make them waterproof enough to be able to use in the shower.

It worked so well, we wanted to share it with the world.